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about the company

Diplomarket is a division of the Las Americas TCC, LLC. We are very proud to say that Diplomarket is one of the first American Companies to serve the purchase and logistic needs to customers between US and Cuba.

We provide purchases and shipments services to: Foreign Diplomats residing in Cuba, Cubanamerican community. (known as "Paqueteria") Cubans visiting U.S ("Equipaje No acompañado"), Returning Cuban citizens (Known as "Menaje de Casa") and Authorized companies to do shipments to Cuba

Services we provide

  • -Serve as purchase agent for customers needs.
  • -Counseling about our products and how to ship them to Cuba
  • -Receiving your cargo in our warehouse in Florida and prepare it for shipment (wrapping, palletizing, packaging, handling).
  • -Consolidate your cargo in containers.
  • -Shipping of cargo and its deconsolidation in Cuba.
  • -Delivery of cargo to your door in Cuba.
  • -Commercial warranty of our products.

Other services related to our products, such as: Installation, Maintenance, Repair, Technical Advisory. See (www.IderodConst.com)


We are able to provide our reliable services to our customers because of our excellent team members and business partners.

We work with renowned companies and Brands such as Frigidaire/Electrolux, Lennox, Coaster, Pepsi, P&G, Crowley Maritime, CMA-CGM, United Mattress.

  • -We explain you the products that can be shipped to Cuba
  • -Better price with shipping included
  • -Delivery to your door in Cuba
  • -We guarantee our products if we do the installation

Contact Information

   Diplomarket CUBA

Email: sales@lasamericastcc.com

Telf: + 53 54024747


   Diplomarket USA

Email: info@lasamericastcc.com

Telf: + 1 305 226 7330


Las Americas TCC is located in the State of Florida, USA and has a legal permit from the Department of Commerce to perform different types of purchase operations from anywhere and with shipments from U.S.A.

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